The Voice UK 2012: Coaches’ decisions are out of tune with public opinion in Battles rounds

We put the judges on trial - and only seven out of the 20 acts put through were the ones you thought were best

Following this weekend’s Battles rounds – a dizzying blur of shout-offs and superfluous “licks” and “runs” – Twitter was abuzz with claims that The Voice coaches had consistently got it wrong when deciding who to send through to the Live Show stages.


We asked you to vote for the acts you thought should progress and the results only back up the initial online reaction. Score one “correct answer” out of five for, and two each for Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue – a total of just seven out of 20 singers, or a 35 per cent hit rate.

According to your votes (over 10,000 of them in total), was overwhelmingly right to send Jaz Ellington through against Jay Norton, but wrong every other time, with 70 per cent of voters saying J Marie Cooper was better than Sophie Griffin.

Tom Jones got it right sending Adam Isaac through over Denise Morgan, but the worst of his three apparent blunders saw him save Ruth Brown despite 63 per cent of voters favouring former 5 Star singer Deniece Pearson.

Voters thought Jessie J’s biggest mistake was keeping Ruth-Ann St Luce instead of Ben Kelly – a whacking 77 per cent thought he was the better singer.

And while Danny O’Donoghue was right to take Bo Bruce through over Vince Freeman (80 per cent supported his decision), the numbers suggest his most glaring error was to pick David Julien instead of John James Newman – 70 per cent voted for John.

The question is: have the coaches’ decisions put you off The Voice or will you still be watching next Saturday when the Live Shows begin? Vote below and let us know.

Meanwhile, remind yourselves of all the Battles, and check out the results of every vote, here.

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