Over 1m cross The Bridge to BBC4

New Scandinavian crime drama enjoyed better ratings for its opening episode than The Killing or Borgen


New Scandinavian crime drama The Bridge began its run on BBC4 with more than one million viewers on Saturday, beating the opening episodes of both series of The Killing.


The drama series, which is based around the discovery of a body on a bridge that links Denmark and Sweden, drew 1.03m viewers, a 4.3 per cent share of the audience, on BBC4 between 9 and 10pm on Saturday.

An additional 67,000 viewers tuned in to the drama on BBC HD, giving the show’s debut a total viewership of 1.097m people.

The second episode, which screened immediately after the first, attracted 833,000 viewers and a 4.2 per cent share between 10 and 11pm.

The Bridge’s debut outdid the launch of the second series of The Killing, which began with 815,000 viewers last November, and far exceeded the Danish show’s first season opener, which was seen by 393,000 viewers last January.


Borgen, BBC4’s other Danish drama, began with 629,000 viewers when the show kicked off in January, which means that The Bridge now boasts the most widely viewed opening episode of any of BBC4’s imported Scandinavian dramas.