Doctor Who: Should John Barrowman return as Captain Jack for the 50th anniversary?

The actor would love to revisit Doctor Who - but do you want him back? Vote in our poll...


John Barrowman – aka Torchwood’s Captain Jack Harkness – says he’s keen to return to Doctor Who as part of the show’s half-century celebrations next year.


“I think it would be a shame if Captain Jack wasn’t involved in the 50th anniversary, because he was such a big figure and a big presence within the show itself and also within Torchwood,” Barrowman said at the C2E2 convention in Chicago.

He also claimed that both Doctor Who star Matt Smith and head writer Steven Moffat had agreed that a comeback for Jack was “a great idea” – but he suggested viewers could have the ultimate say.

“It’s also kind of up to the fans,” said Barrowman, “because if they want it, all they have to do is get on those keyboards and start writing. You have been known to change things.”


So, Who fans, would you like to see Jack back in 2013? Yes or no, post a comment below – you have the power!