Fearne Cotton, Jeremy Paxman and more on their favourite Roald Dahl books

On the day David Walliams celebrates Roald Dahl on ITV1, a group of celebs discuss their favourite of his books


Jeremy Paxman, broadcaster:


Boy. It’s a wonderful and wonderfully funny memoir of what it was like to be a child in 1920s and 30s Britain.

Fearne Cotton, TV presenter:

The Twits. My mum used to read it to me — all the characters came to life. But I still can’t eat spaghetti for fear I’m actually eating worms.

Mary Beard, historian:

Matilda. Dahl speaks to both the reader and the person who’s being read to. This book shows great insight into the relationships between mums and dads and their horrible little kids, who, of course, they love dearly.

Michael Rosen, author:

Danny, the Champion of the World. It is an incredibly caring and loving book about someone in difficulty (namely the dad) more so than the boy. He really digs into a relationship and a set of actions that you won’t find in many books. Powerful stuff.

Tim Cahill, Everton footballer:

The BFG. It’s my favourite children’s book and one that I really like to read to my kids. It’s about a friendship between a young girl, Sophie, and a giant. It’s just great fun.


Perspectives: David Walliams – the Genius of Dahl is on ITV1 today at 10:15pm.