You’ve Been Tubed: from the death zone to the Ceefax shutdown

This week's best viral videos, hand-picked just for you

1.\tLife affirmed


Adrian Steirn’s film about Philip Gould, the Labour election strategist who died of oesophageal cancer in November, should make you want to run outside and joyfully breathe the air.

Gould’s almost eerily calm, occasionally lyrical talk of the “death zone” as giving him the freedom to love life is confounding, moving and, ultimately, invigorating.

2. Close to reality

It’s two years old, but interest in this lovely little sketch was revived this week in the emotional scenes surrounding the near-total closedown of Ceefax. Here’s how YouTube might look if it closed down in the early hours and reverted to random pages from Google… some of the pages may not be real, and we don’t just mean the credits at the end.

3. In a world…

Some 14-year-old kid in his bedroom who wants to be a voice actor, and says he can do the gravelly movie trailer guy. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all had a go at that, and at 14 he’s not gonna… wait a sec. He’s brilliant!

4. Meryl strop

An acting masterclass from a three-year-old girl who’s missed her nap. You will believe that that bowl is too heavy to lift.

5. Sci on the Fly


A simple but rather haunting short film, beautifully directed by Martin Stirling and made in two days flat, as required by the Sci-Fi-London 48Hr Film Challenge. A put-upon office worker (Hils Barker) logs on to a social network that claims to connect singletons to friends from the future…