They’re alive! South Park characters break out of their animated world

Tonight you'll get to see your favourite cartoon characters as you've never seen them before... in live-action...


For the first time in the show’s history, the South Park characters are played by actual actors in tonight’s episode on Comedy Central UK (10pm).


The new episode, called “I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining”, proves that even after 15 series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone still have some tricks up their sleeves.

This episode sees the boys taking the ziplining trip from hell in the Colorado Mountains. But the live-action re-enactment will be the thing that gets people talking, as the show brings Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman kicking and screaming into the real world.


Plus tonight’s episode sees the return of everyone’s favourite Christmas poo. A real life Hankey? Now that would be worth seeing.