The Voice UK: The Battles – who would you put through to the Live Shows?

Your definitive guide to this weekend's action - find out how it works, watch videos, read bios and vote for your favourite singers

How the Battles work


Two men enter, one man leaves! No, wait, that’s Thunderdome – but the principle is pretty much the same. The coaches throw pairs of their acts into the ring to sing competitive duets in front of the audience, with the winner of each Battle going through to the live shows – and the loser going home.

That means five battles for each coach –, Tom Jones, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue – across the Saturday and Sunday shows, resulting in four teams of five. 

The coaches will make the final decisions as to who stays and who goes immediately after the performances, but in the meantime they’ll spend their time trying to develop their artists for the big nights.

Below you can watch again as each pair of acts performs individually in the audition rounds, read a short biography and vote (just for fun) for the one you think should make it through to the live shows. So what are you waiting for? Get voting!  


Sophie Griffin v J Marie Cooper

Jenny Jones v Joelle Moses

Jaz Ellington v Jay Norton

Frances Wood v Kate Read

Heshima Thompson v Tyler James


Denise Morgan v Adam Isaac

Lindsey Butler v Matt and Sueleen

Barbara Bryceland v Leanne Mitchell

Ruth Brown v Deniece Pearson

Sam Buttery v Aundrea Nyle


Kirsten Joy v Toni Warne

Cassius Henry v David Faulkner

Becky Hill v Indie and Pixie

Ben Kelly v Ruth-Ann St Luce

Vince Kidd v Jessica Hammond


Vince Freeman v Bo Bruce

Max Milner v Bill Downs

Murray Hockridge v Hannah Berney

David Julien v John James Newman

Aleks Josh v Emmy J Mac


The Voice Battles are on Saturday 21 July at 7pm and Sunday 22 July at 7:30pm on BBC1