New Prometheus trailer released – Happy Birthday David

Take a peek into the world of Prometheus, the Alien prequel, where Michael Fassbender is a chillingly emotionless android


Michael Fassbender stars in a new trailer for director Ridley Scott’s prequel to Alien. Featuring footage shot especially and not believed to be in the film itself, the new trailer plays as a Microsoft-like promo video for Weyland Industries and its range of human-like androids.


“At Weyland Industries, it has long been our goal to create artificial intelligence almost indistinguishable from mankind itself,” intones a narrator as we see “David” (Fassbender) being created.

It’s a quiet little video – chillingly quiet and believable as David answers questions about what he can do. He says he can “carry out directives that my human counterparts might find distressing or unethical.”

The new trailer, called Happy Birthday David, follows another specially-filmed one starring Guy Pearce as the creator of Weyland Industries purportedly addressing a 2023 TED Talks conference.

There has also been a more conventional promo for the film. The movie itself is due in UK cinemas on 1 June.