Radio Times magazine: Move over, Sarah Lund – there’s a new Scandinavian detective in town…

The new edition features The Bridge, Ann Widdecombe, David Walliams, Jeremy Paxman, Fearne Cotton and much more...

What is it about Scandinavian crime dramas that makes them so gripping?


That’s the question we ask this week as we look forward to The Bridge, the new Scandi-crime series that may even have ruthlessly focused Sarah Lund looking over her shoulder. Alison Graham and Maggie Brown find out why the Danes and the Swedes are so good at setting our nerves jangling.

If creeping crime drama isn’t your thing, how about a night out on the town with Ann Widdecombe? The former Conservative politician investigates what makes young professional women want to get blind drunk every weekend.

Elsewhere, actress Anjelica Huston talks about how her work has helped her move on following the death of her husband in 2008, Simon Reeve finds the real Robinson Crusoe for his latest Indian Ocean adventure and David Walliams, Jeremy Paxman and Fearne Cotton reveal why they can’t get enough of Roald Dahl.

Plus journalist Sean Langan describes his shocking ordeal at the hands of the Taliban.

We also launch our brand-new Only Connect puzzle: solve it and be in with a chance of winning a trip to Paris.


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