Film DVD round-up: Dream House, Romantics Anonymous, Texas Killing Fields and Mother and Child

The best releases reviewed and rated by our team

Dream House (Cert: 15)


2 stars

Daniel Craig discovers that the new family home was the scene of a brutal murder

Formats: DVD and Triple Play (DVD, Blu-ray and digital download)

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Romantics Anonymous (Cert: 12)
4 stars

Two shy singletons try to summon up the courage to express their emotions in this French comedy

Format: DVD

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Texas Killing Fields (Cert: 15)
3 stars

Sam Worthington and Jeffrey Dean Morgan investigate a series of unsolved murders

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray


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Mother and Child (Cert: 15)

3 stars

Well-played ensemble weepie about the emotional pressures facing three women

Formats: DVD and Blu-ray

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Also out this week:
A Midnight Clear – Debut on DVD and Blu-ray for this gripping Second World War tragedy

Last Tango in Paris – Uncut version of the erotic romance starring Marlon Brando, released on Blu-ray for its 40th anniversary

Bad Lieutenant – Blu-ray release for Harvey Keitel’s warts-and-all portrait of a cop who’s lost the plot