You’ve Been Tubed: from Caine’s Arcade to the Festival of Colours

Also in this week's viral video best-of: the power of music and high excitement on the continent


1. Box office gold


The purest and loveliest thing you’ll have seen all week: a short film about nine-year-old Caine Monroy. Caine loves amusement arcades, but spends much of his time hanging around at his dad’s car parts shop in east Los Angeles. So, taking advantage of the limitless empty cardboard boxes on offer, Caine gradually colonised the shop front by building his own arcade using boxes, Sellotape and a lot of imagination. It’s four plays for a dollar or 500 for $2 – a bold pricing strategy that for a long time still only attracted one customer, Nirvan Mullick.

The film about the arcade is beautiful enough – but Nirvan, whose film this is, has a surprise planned.

2. mpfreedom

This clip from forthcoming documentary Alive Inside has scored more than three million hits this week: neurologist Oliver Sacks, whose case studies formed the basis of the film Awakenings, presents a similar phenomenon. An almost unresponsive man in a nursing home is given an iPod loaded with the Cab Calloway songs he used to love… you know what’s coming but the transformation is pretty incredible.

3. Exciting Belgium

Some people – cynical, worn husks of people, but people nonetheless – dismissed the guy in the nursing home as an unwitting stooge for a big Apple advertisement. This clip really is a PR stunt – which has worked, because it’s received 11 million views in three days. “PUSH TO ADD DRAMA” says the sign in the middle of a sleepy Belgian town square, pointing to a red button on a plinth. Anyone who followed the instruction was treated to a spectacular live-action trail for Belgian cable network Telenet.

4. Mini Kiev

Your tilt-shift (ie focusing trick that makes everything look miniaturised) video of the week has been shot in Kiev. IT’S A MINI KIEV! No, but the film is good.

5. Technicolor dream

Holi, the Hindu spring festival of colours, is catnip for film-makers, as evidenced by this beautiful slow-motion, high-definition effort shot in India last month. (If your broadband connection can’t cope, try this clip instead.)

6. Schule of rock


To Europe for the breakthrough performance by the brilliantly named Children Medieval Band. The oldest member, ten-year-old Stefan, takes on fret-melting lead guitar and vocals but is almost upstaged by his supercool keyboardist (Olga, 8) and drummer (Cornelia, 5). The song is, of course, Sonne by German industrial thrashlords Rammstein.