Films on TV tonight, Friday 13 April

Tonight's film picks include Water for Elephants, Housekeeping, Rocky II, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Shining and Friday the 13th Part 2


Housekeeping – 6:45pm, Film4


Comedy drama starring Sara Walker and Andrea Burchill as two young sisters whose lives are changed for ever after their eccentric Aunt Sylvie is charged with looking after them.

Water for Elephants – 8:00pm, Sky Movies Premiere

Romantic drama starring Robert Pattinson as a lost and lonely lad who runs away to the circus during the Great Depression and falls in love with Reese Witherspoon.

Once upon a Time in the West – 8:30pm, Sky Movies Classics

Henry Fonda stars as a brutal gunfighter attempting to drive a young widow from her land in Sergio Leone’s classic spaghetti western.

Rocky II – 9:00pm, ITV4

Sylvester Stallone returns as Rocky Balboa for a rematch with world heavyweight boxing champ Apollo Creed.

Friday the 13th Part 2 – 11:00pm, Sky Movies Sci-Fi/Horror

Appropriately scheduled horror sequel that sees masked maniac Jason Voorhees stalking another bunch of sex-mad teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake. Parts III-V are also on Sci-Fi/Horror after this one.

The Shining – 11:15pm, TCM


Chilling horror from Stanley Kubrick in which writer Jack Nicholson goes slowly mad in a snowbound mountain hotel.