Doctor Who: Karen Gillan launches herself into the Twitter-sphere

The actress best known as Amy Pond joins the social network - and gains 45,000 followers in 12 hours


Karen Gillan fans are waking up to a brighter world this morning as they discover they can now follow the Doctor Who star on Twitter.


Gillan joined the social networking site at around 8pm last night and, just an hour later, had already racked up 15,000 followers. At the time of writing, she has 45,000 – a pretty fair return on just four tweets, even if one of them was the fantastic photo above.

Tweeting as @KarenGillan2, the actress shared the photo of herself and Doctor Who co-star Matt Smith in New York as proof that she was the genuine article. The pair are currently there shooting what may well be the departing Gillan’s final episode of the show, to be shown in the autumn.

What else has Karen shared with her loyal fans so far? Well her first tweet said, simply, “Hello twitter…nice to meet you” while she continued by thanking her new followers and sharing her whereabouts – “Thanks to everyone following me!!! Argh this is really exciting. Oh, and by the way…WE ARE IN NEW YORK!!!!” before tweeting the photo. 

That was followed by a post about email notifications (imagine 45,000 flooding your inbox in 12 hours) that also referenced fellow Doctor Who star Arthur Darvill, aka @RattyBurvil.

So as Karen’s band of followers continues to grow, is there anyone potentially unhappy about her appearance on Twitter? Possibly @KarenGillan1 who, despite having got there first, has only 48 followers to her (or his) name…