Which is the best vampire film of all time?

In the 100 years since Bram Stoker died, which has been the tastiest movie take on bloodsuckers? Vote here...

Last week, the Horror Writers Association marked the approaching 100th anniversary of the death of Dracula creator Bram Stoker by naming Richard Matheson’s 1954 story I Am Legend the best vampire novel of the century.


Matheson’s modern masterpiece beat competition including Stephen King’s 1975 classic Salem’s Lot, Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles (the Lestat books) and Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series – but its success doesn’t end there.

I Am Legend has been adapted for the big screen three times, as The Last Man on Earth (1967) starring Vincent Price, The Omega Man (1971) with Charlton Heston and as Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend (2007).

Meanwhile, numerous other vampire novels – including Dracula itself and those mentioned above – have been made into movies, and the vampire genre has taken on a cinematic life of its own.

The question is – be it adaptation or original story, single film or saga – which is the best big-screen take on the vampire legend? And that question is something only a great, big RadioTimes.com vote can decide.

So whether you’re a classic Draculist, a modern-day Twilight fan or a sci-fi vampiricist, cast your vote below… And if there’s something good you think we’ve missed, post a comment and let us know.

Which is the best vampire movie – vote now!


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