You’ve Been Tubed: from Rear Window to Jurassic Park

Also in this week's careful selection of the finest viral videos, a dog that will live for ever in your nightmares


1. Hitchcock condensed
A superb bit of video-editing trickery brings you everything James Stewart saw across the courtyard in Rear Window, stitched together to eliminate camera movements and zooms, then time-lapsed to form a single three-minute memento of a classic film.


And if that’s made you want to go back and re-watch the 1954 movie itself, obviously it’s available on DVD – and it’s on Channel 4 this Tuesday, 10 April, at 12.55pm.

2. The custard cretaceous

Another film condensed into a clip: Jurassic Park in six minutes, re-created from scratch by Matthew Robins using biscuits. Biscuit people, biscuit dinosaurs, and sets that are a bit like Willy Wonka’s factory, only more… biscuit-oriented. The “man on toilet” scene is peculiarly disturbing.

3. Morning exercise

“That gives a whole new meaning to the FTSE index,” said BBC Breakfast’s resident card Bill Turnbull on Monday, as viewers discovered a hitherto hidden side of Steph McGovern. The business reporter kicked off her shoes to perform an impressive Irish jig. Next week: Carol Kirkwood zumbas the weather.

4. Pensioner’s full extension

The latest masterclass from 86-year-old gymnast (!) Johanna Quaas, from Halle, who’s won the German senior championship several times. Not surprising, on this evidence.

5. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Can you stare this dog out for nearly two minutes? We managed about 12 seconds before running from the building, screaming.