Watson & Oliver commissioned for second series

Comedy duo's sketch show is likely to return to BBC2 in 2013 - will you be watching?


The BBC has commissioned a second series of Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver’s sketch show.


Watson & Oliver, which finished its first run on BBC2 last Monday, has seen the duo hyped as the UK’s first female comedy double act since French & Saunders rose to prominence in 1987.

The show, which is filmed in front of a live studio audience, features a variety of different characters and comedy styles, and was originally commissioned by the BBC in 2009.

1.2m viewers tuned in to the series’ first episode, which featured a guest appearance from John Barrowman, and the series has performed well on BBC iPlayer.

But despite having achieved respectable viewing figures, Watson & Oliver met with a mixed critical reception during its time on air. 

The Independent derided the show as “direly old-fashioned,” while The Daily Star said that the duo “both think they’re way funnier than they actually are.” The Daily Mirror advised the pair to “write off their writers and get some new ones”, though The Arts Desk praised what it saw as “original writing” and “superb acting” on display in the series.


Watson & Oliver is expected to return to BBC2 during 2013.