Watch Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Marvel Avengers Assemble

After being interrogated, sexy Russian agent Natasha Romanoff shows her captors who’s boss…

It’s the moment that comic book fans have been waiting for: the first look at Scarlett Johansson playing the leather-clad Black Widow, in this full scene from upcoming Marvel blockbuster Avengers Assemble.


The film is due to power its way into UK cinemas in a mere three weeks, but fans champing at the bit to see the superheroes in action were today given a peek at Johansson as the Russian superspy kicking some serious tail.

The clip finds Black Widow tied to a chair and surrounded by three men, one in military garb, while surreptitiously talking into a mobile phone hidden under her left ear.

After some banter between the Widow and Agent Phil Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, she boots one of her captors in the stomach before demolishing him and the other two men using the chair as a weapon.

Johansson first appeared as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 alongside Robert Downey Jr, and is described by her creator, Marjorie Liu, as “a femme fatale superspy.”

Marvel Avengers Assemble, as it is known in the UK, is released on Thursday 26 April.