The Apprentice: home cooking with Stuart Baggs The Brand

He's back - again! A week older and allegedly a week wiser, this time our former candidate attempts to make condiments...

“Stuart Baggs The Brand,” we said on the phone. “Yes, we’re surprised we’re calling too. Listen, you were very keen last week, thank you. Yes, and inventive. Certainly that. But this week, do you think you could possibly just do us a straight video review of The Apprentice? Just this once? Try honest-to-goodness reportage and analysis? Pretty please?”


“Not one single chance,” nodded Stuart Baggs The Brand.

Instead, he’s back. Again.

Watch Stuart Baggs The Brand encapsulate the entire Apprentice experience by doing this week’s task himself. In his kitchen. Inventing condiments.


And then trying them out on an unsuspecting public… this is bound to end well…