RoboCop statue coming to Detroit

Work is under way on a bronze cast of the future of law enforcement, to be erected in the city he patrols

Detroit, Michigan, the future: the city is watched over by a crime-fighting cyborg known as RoboCop. Yes, it’s the plot of a 1987 sci-fi classic – but it’s also set to become a reality.


Designer Fred Barton’s life-sized model of RoboCop – based on star Peter Weller’s original costume – is currently being scanned at a studio in Canada in preparation for it to be turned into a ten-foot high statue cast in bronze.

The project is funded by an online campaign that began a year ago with a tweet to the city’s mayor and gathered fans and finance as it snowballed.

“The statue’s definitely coming,” said Jerry Paffendorf, who started the campaign to raise money for the statue and find a site for it in RoboCop’s home city of Detroit. “The only thing that’s up in the air is the timeline and where it’s going to go.”

MGM, who made the RoboCop movies, have officially licensed the statue and are said to be “quite entertained and interested” by the project. 

It’s also possible the movie studio has sniffed a potential bit of free promotion and are hoping the statue will be in place by summer 2013, in time for the release of the RoboCop remake…