Rihanna on guns, buns and Battleship

The raunchy pop star talks to Radio Times about the experience of shooting her first feature film

What does Rihanna bring to a movie? “My bad ass-ness and my buns,” says the Barbadian singer, whose feature film debut, Battleship, will be released in UK cinemas on Wednesday 11 April.


Speaking to Radio Times, Rihanna admitted that she chose to play the role of a gun-toting soldier in Peter Berg’s $100m sci-fi action movie because of the opportunities the film offered her to act tough.

She said: “I really didn’t know what [the film] was, but the minute they said we got to shoot, I said, ‘Yeah, I’m in!’”

“I was in the cadets when I was about 11,” adds Rihanna, explaining her enthusiasm for firearms and derring-do.

However, she admitted that she wasn’t entirely prepared when it came time to meet Hancock director Berg to discuss her role in the film.

“I didn’t know what film it was. I just knew that I had a meeting, and this guy just started talking and showing me lots of pictures of aliens. It was not until the end that I realised he was the actual director of the film!”


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