You’ve Been Tubed: from iPad magic to the Downton burger joint

Also in this week's hand-picked selection of the best viral videos: Veep, and a fight with a goose


1. Office politics
Ahead of its 22 April premiere, HBO is drip-feeding fans with morsels of Veep, the Armando Iannucci comedy that’s very roughly an American remake of The Thick of It, and is the latest lead role for Seinfeld superstar Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


This week we saw a series of quick character portraits, the pick of them being Sue Wilson (Sufe Bradshaw), the vice-president’s executive assistant. In a show that seems to have at least three potential Malcolm Tuckers, Sue could be the scariest.

2. Behold, the tablets

An amazing two-man, seven-iPad magic act, the real miracle being that at no point does either of them accidentally launch a weather report or photograph the audience.

3. World featherweight championship

An elongated altercation between a man and a goose, made even funnier than that sounds by the sheer persistence of both parties, and by the laughter of the people filming it, who knew exactly what was going to happen long before it did.

4. Funky Transit

It’s not unusual for bands to be seen playing live by more people on YouTube than could ever go to their gigs. But busy San Francisco-based rock/country/soul act Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers take that a step further by filming their YouTube performances between gigs. In the van. With the singer driving. Check out their slinky cover of I Can’t Go for That by Hall & Oates – and wait and see how they cope with the sax solo…

5. Would his Lordship perhaps care for fries with that?


This week’s Downton Abbey spoof stars Richard Kind (Luck, Spin City) as the head of a posh, retro branch of burger chain Arby’s. Downton Arby’s. You see what they did there. No, but it’s very good, with a particularly nice bacon-themed reworking of the classic “Thomas makes Bates fall on his face in front of everyone” scene. From a forthcoming sketch show called, er, Sketchy.