Eddie Murphy to join Schwarzenegger and DeVito for Twins sequel?

Reports suggest the Hollywood trio will join forces for a follow-up movie, Triplets...

Get ready for three times the fun (or should that be an additional third of fun?) as Hollywood is rumoured to have a sequel to the hit 1988 comedy Twins in the works, which will see stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito joined by a new sibling.


And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the third of the test-tube grown Benedict brothers is to be played by none other than Eddie Murphy.

The project, tentatively titled Triplets, is said to lack a director at the moment as Ivan Reitman, who helmed Twins, is only willing to act as producer on the new film.

Writers are now being sought to flesh out a screenplay, and insiders claim that no substantial creative discussions about the film’s plot have yet taken place.

Twins, which told the story of Julius and Vincent Benedict, two men who were born as the result of an experiment to create the perfect child, was a huge hit when it was released in 1988 and earned Arnold Schwarzenegger a Kids’ Choice Award. See the film’s trailer below: