Dallas cast strips off for steamy new promo image

Patrick Duffy and Jesse Metcalfe are among those evoking the show's famous shower scene


Just in case you weren’t already aware, Dallas is to make a return in 2012 – and American broadcaster TNT has released a new promo image evoking one of the original show’s most iconic moments.


As can be seen, the cast of the rebooted series have taken to the shower in a nod to the 1986 scene in which Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) reappeared alive and well despite having been killed off the year before. His miraculous resurrection came about because wife Pam (Victoria Principal) had dreamt an entire season’s worth of episodes.

For the new Dallas, veterans Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray will be joined by the likes of Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster for a continuation of the Southfork saga set to air in the UK on Channel 5.

Patrick Duffy told Daybreak today that more one-time cast members would be allowed to return if they’re still around:

“Anybody who’s still alive, the options are on the table to come back,” the 63-year-old commented.

The actor’s comments fuelled rumours that Victoria Principal may yet reprise her role as Pam, the former wife of Bobby and mother to Metcalfe’s character, Christopher.

Watch the original shower scene below: