Will you watch The Voice UK again?

With critical and popular opinion divided, we'd like to know if you'll be tuning in to the talent show next Saturday...


Last June the BBC announced they’d bought into The Voice format, a new talent show that’s taken America (and many other countries) by storm.  This Saturday, after nine months of second guessing who the coaches will be, scheduling spats and hype, the programme finally arrived on our screens. 


RadioTimes.com reviewer Jack Seale didn’t think it was worth the wait, calling the show “lame, topsy-turvy and, above all, hammeringly tedious.”

But it seems that many of you didn’t feel the same way, as the majority of the comments we received under his review praised The Voice.  May agreed with one reader who described it as “a brilliant format with genuine humour and talent.”

The show also drew an average audience of 8.4 million viewers, which is an impressive number for a new show.  The show managed to beat Britain’s Got Talent in the 20 minutes the programmes went head-to-head, but couldn’t surpass BGT’s overall average of 9.3 million viewers.

However, critical reaction to The Voice from other publications has also been mixed. The Guardian’s assessment was ambivalent, with critic Sam Wollaston praising the “amazing voices” of the contestants but bemoaning a general “lack of fun” on the show.

This was echoed by Ian Hyland’s assessment of the contest in the Daily Mail, which was more overtly critical and accused the show of being both “terribly worthy” and “terribly long.” While Hyland concluded that it wasn’t a “terrible programme”, he said that “The Voice looked woefully dated, conservative” when compared with Britain’s Got Talent.

Michael Hogan in The Daily Telegraph, on the other hand, rated The Voice 4.5/5 and said that, while the show “needs to pick up the pace next week”, its first episode was “a promising start.”


But what did you make of The Voice? Will you tune in again for more or was once enough? Vote in our poll and let us know what you think: