Was Titanic’s maiden voyage on ITV1 a success?

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It was the drama that RadioTimes.com said “played out like some knock-off Agatha Christie” with “a ruddy great iceberg where a corpse would usually crop up”. By the end of its opening hour, Titanic had left us “curiously uninvolved”.


But it seems we weren’t alone in finding fault, as ITV1’s big-budget mini-series has received decidedly mixed reviews from other publications following transmission of its opening episode. Jim Shelley in the Daily Mirror said it had “the subtlety of a crowbar” and was peopled with characters that were “dreadful and dreary”.

Sarah Crompton of The Daily Telegraph was left similarly disappointed: “There was both too much and too little to concentrate on, and no one to care about.” However, she does have more hope for future instalments: “If I were forced to judge Titanic on one episode alone, I’d call it a damp squib – but having seen part two, I can assure you it gets better.”

However, the Daily Mail’s opinion was altogether more favourable, with Catherine Ostler praising Fellowes for “a thrilling drama” that was filled with the writer’s “customary energy and acute attention to class tension”.

Tom Sutcliffe in The Independent found that the “essential preoccupation” for screenwriter Julian Fellowes remained the same as in Downton Abbey, namely “the fine gradations of social distinction”. But Titanic also contained “a combination of punctilious details of etiquette and flagrantly implausible breaches of it”.


But what did you make of Titanic? Did it float your boat or was it a disaster from the get-go? Vote below on whether or not you thought it was a hit: