Jessie J on what she brings to The Voice UK

The young star tells Radio Times about her musical influences, and why she's coaching on BBC1's newest talent show

Why did you want to be part of The Voice? 


It represents everything I am about. I have come up in the industry at a time when it is all about image, make-up and who you’re dating, but I want to play a part in breaking that down. 

What do you bring as a coach? 

I am the only girl, but I am hardcore. I’ve only been in the industry for 12 months and I know how much criticism they are going to get, so I want to prepare them. I’m all about tough love. 

What was your earliest musical influence? 

My first words were “Jam hot!” because my older sisters used to sing Fat Boy Slim’s Dub Be Good to Me to me. That was the music I grew up with and love.

The first album you bought? 

Brimful of Asha by Cornershop, when I was 11. I saved up to buy the album for £15.99 at HMV. 

What is the best advice you can give? 

Don’t ever expect, don’t ever presume and always work hard.


The Voice UK begins Saturday on BBC1 at 7:00pm