Doctor Who: Matt Smith welcomes Jenna-Louise Coleman into the Tardis

The actor says he's pleased the former Emmerdale star is joining "the Doctor Who family"

Doctor Who star Matt Smith has praised new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman’s acting skills, saying she gave the “most interesting” audition of anyone who made a bid for the role.


Speaking to BBC Radio Wales presenter Roy Noble, Smith said: [It’s] very exciting news. I was part of the audition process where we met a number of wonderful actresses. But I think Jenna responded to Steven [Moffat]’s writing in the most interesting way. We’re very excited to welcome her to the Doctor Who family.

“The Doctor needs a companion, you see. He can’t travel alone,” he added.

Smith’s comments were echoed by former Doctor David Tennant, who was quizzed about Coleman’s appointment at the premiere of his latest film, The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists!. 

“She’s going on a very exciting journey. I hope she has some good friends to hold her hand because it can be a bit scary when you get thrust into that level of attention, speaking from personal experience. But it’s wonderful, and she’s working on the greatest TV show ever made, so what can go wrong?” he said.

Coleman, who was appointed the new Doctor Who companion on Wednesday 21 March, said she had already received some friendly advice from Smith about coping with life in the limelight.

“I had some really good advice from Matt actually, which is to stay off the internet. So I’m going to follow that advice. No Googling – I’m on a Google ban,” she said.


Coleman will begin shooting on Doctor Who in May and will make her first appearance in the show’s Christmas special.