The Apprentice: a spoonful of Lord Sugar

TV's most feared boss gives his views on Hugh Grant, Nick Hewer, Simon Cowell, Rupert Murdoch and more...


He’s a straight-talking businessman but now with The Apprentice he’s also a straight-talking showbusiness man. Radio Times got his views on celebrity, talent shows, and so much more.


On Hugh Grant

I feel sorry for some celebrities but the majority? Not really. I would definitely disclose something like Hugh Grant in a car with a prostitute in Hollywood. He deserves it. Story was true, he was caught. I would tell that story. But I would not make up lies.

On Nick Hewer

I watched Countdown when Nick started and he was good. My wife watches it more than I do.

On Simon Cowell

Trashy programmes like Britain’s Got Talent are good for “Sky Plussing” so that you can fast-forward through the sob-stories and watch them at your pace.

On Formula One

This isn’t a sport to me. After hours of going round in circles, finally someone overtakes someone and that’s it? It’s for brain-deads.

On Murdoch and Leveson

The journalists were under a lot of pressure to get scoops. The management then had a responsibility to inquire, “Did you get that information in the correct and proper way?” The top bosses should have known what was going on and now they have to take ultimate responsibility for what happened.

On Piers Morgan


One of the public services I provide is keeping Piers Morgan in his place on Twitter.