Meet the first ever wrestling Apprentice

See videos of Apprentice contestant Ricky Martin at work - as a professional wrestler


***Warning: the videos below contain scenes of professional wrestling. If you’re offended by footage of violence, please do not view***


Lord Sugar’s faced many a boardroom battler in his time, but never one quite like this year’s contestant, Ricky Martin. You see, Martin’s a professional wrestler.

Yes, while the 26-year-old spends his days working as a recruitment team leader, once the day is done he’s more likely to be found kicking butt in wrestling rings the length and breadth of this sceptered isle.

“By day I’m a business superstar and by night I’m a professional wrestler. I am truly the reflection of perfection,” says the grappler, modestly.

Known by the ring name Ricky Hype, Martin’s won a fair few title belts since first stepping into the squared circle in 2004, including the IPW:UK and LDN Tag Team Championships, and he’s also done battle with former WWE stars, including Big Vito and Al Snow.

And while Martin’s LinkedIn profile lists his specialities as fee negotiation, time management, staff appraisals and market knowledge, these videos below prove that he’s also adept at drop kicks, power bombs and submission holds:


I don’t know about you, but if I were Lord Sugar I’d be wary of giving Ricky too hard a time of it in the boardroom as the series unfolds…