You’ve Been Tubed: from the Sherlock Fan Orchestra to ninja cats

Also in this week's viral videos round-up: the very best in pre-teen physics and thespianism


1. The Baker Street Irregulars


Sherlock’s fans are a quiet, reserved bunch, but we’ve always been confident they’re out there somewhere… now hear them roar. Or at least hear them strum, drum, blow, bow and sing. The latest in a spate of online fan-collaboration music projects is based on BBC1’s stupidly popular detective drama, starting with David Arnold and Michael Price’s main theme.

Inevitably it’s got a bit of a ramshackle Langley Schools Music Project vibe, but with the next Cumberbomb not dropping until mid-2013, it’s something to tide young Sherlockians over. There’s more videos to come (covering the rest of the soundtrack. Not the main theme. The lesser, supporting themes) and they’re looking for contributors…

2. Kitchen device

On this most momentous of days – the release of Apple’s slightly different new iPad, which comes with retina display, enhanced fudge membrane, triple-4D woof accelerator and the ability to think, feel and love – here’s a sketch from a German TV show on the perils of letting old people near one.

3. And the squeaky, chewable Oscar goes to…

Achieving a convincing death scene is a task that can terrify even the most accomplished adult actors. But this four-month-old baby – who, like Marvin Gaye, is shot by his own father – goes down like an old pro. Bang! Bravo. Horribly realistic.

4. Contraption trick

Genius seven-year-old scientist Audri has built a Rube Goldberg machine to catch a monster. We’ll let him explain…

5. Not now, Catto!


Normally, like any sane column, You’ve Been Tubed views “funny cat videos” with a steely stare and, if necessary, a well-aimed jet of contemptuous projectile vomit. Oh, he’s jumped on the sofa and looked at me, sort of a bit like a person! Yeah, brilliant. However, string a load of them together with music and deadpan French narration about ninjas – now we’re talking.