Dark Shadows: trailer

Get a taster of the forthcoming gothic horror movie starring Johnny Depp and Eva Green


The teaser for the latest Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration, Dark Shadows, has been released.


Billed as a gothic horror, it looks like there’s a strong comedic streak running through the film, based on the cult TV show of the same name. In 1772, rich playboy Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) is turned into a vampire by vengeful witch Angelique Bouchard (Eva Green) and buried alive. Two hundred years later, his coffin is dug up and Barnabas finds himself in a very different world indeed…

Michelle Pfeiffer and Jonny Lee Miller star as Barnabas’s troubled descendants, with Helena Bonham Carter along for the ride as their live-in psychiatrist, Dr Julia Hoffman. Dark Shadows opens in UK cinemas on 11 May.