Strictly no X Factor sob stories for Lord Sugar

The Apprentice star and proud Eggheads fan isn't afraid to use the fast-forward button

Lord Sugar says he enjoys TV talent shows – even the adverts – but can’t stomach the sob stories.


Taking charge of Radio Times this week as the magazine’s guest editor, Lord Sugar admitted he watched “all that Saturday night trash” like Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor, but that he recorded the shows and skipped through the bits he didn’t like. 

“It’s good for Sky+ing,” said Lord Sugar. “So you can watch them at your pace, if you know what I mean – so you can get rid of…” 

The adverts? 

“No, not the adverts, all the bulls**t in the middle – the sob stories…” 

Lord Sugar also took the opportunity to have another dig at his perennial Twitter nemesis and former Britain’s Got Talent judge, Piers Morgan.

“Piers Morgan’s not on [Britain’s Got Talent] any more, is he – that’s why it’s got more popular,” he said.

Meanwhile, it seems one of Britain’s best business minds also likes to keep up with his general knowledge.

“Oh, I watch Eggheads!” he said of the BBC quiz show. “I will put that down – Eggheads is one of my favourites!”

And what about that other afternoon brain-teaser, Countdown? Is Lord Sugar a fan, and how does he think his right-hand man, Nick Hewer, is doing in his new presenting role? 

“I watched it once – I didn’t understand what it was about, but never mind,” admitted Lord Sugar, “but my wife knows it better than me and she says [Nick] is very, very good, he’s made for it and it’s right up his alley, so it was a very good choice by the channel.”


Read more about Lord Sugar’s personal TV choices for the week, plus his own interview with Tottenham Hotspur’s Harry Redknapp, in the new issue of Radio Times, on sale now.