Sherlock Gnomes – Elton John to make animated detective movie

It seems there's Gnome place like Holmes - but is there no end to the Sherlock spin-offs?


There’s no denying Sherlock mania is at its height right now, with a hugely popular BBC series, a 21st century blockbuster movie franchise, and, on the way, a controversial US update featuring a female Watson


For some Holmes traditionalists, that’s already a step too far – but gnomes? Really?

Yes, really. Or as real as 3D animation can get, anyway, because it looks as if Gnomeo & Juliet, Disney’s 2011 take on Shakespeare, is getting a Conan Doyle-inspired sequel.

Elton John’s Rocket Pictures is producing the animated movie, according to Deadline, with Sir Elton once again penning the songs.

The story reportedly sees Gnomeo, Juliet and co enlist the help of one Sherlock Gnomes, the world’s “greatest ornamental detective”, in solving the case of the disappearing gnomes. 

It’s not clear whether the plot is based on an original Sherlock Holmes adventure, but Steve Hamilton Shaw of Rocket Pictures said: “Action detective stories need some gnomes to liven them up, I’m sure Arthur Conan Doyle would agree.”

Whether he agrees or is, in fact, turning in his grave, it appears the movie is going ahead.


And it’s far from the first time Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in animated non-human form. Hayao Miyazaki’s anime, Sherlock Hound, cast the great detective as – you’ve guessed it – a dog, while Disney’s Basil the Great Mouse Detective was a rodent who lived, appropriately enough, beneath 221b Baker Street. After all, there’s gnome place like Holmes…