Terra NO-va says Fox – Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi series canned

But 20th Television, which makes the dinosaur drama, will look for interest elsewhere...

Terra Nova, the big-budget time travel series executive produced by Steven Spielberg, will not be picked up for a second season by US network Fox.


Shown in this country on Sky1, the series follows a group of colonists who leave a dystopian future Earth to travel back 85 million years to the Cretaceous period, where they brave a variety of deadly dinosaur species.

Terra Nova’s two-hour opener is thought to have cost around $14 million to make, with subsequent episodes coming in at $4 million a time – numerous expensive sets, plus detailed dinosaur models and a large amount of CGI all adding to the bill.

In America, the series opened with 9.2 million viewers but its feature-length finale hit a low of 7.2 million viewers and was poorly rated by its target audience.

In Britain, Terra Nova started well for Sky1 but a consolidated audience of 1.56 million had fallen to 870,000 by the end of the series.

Despite Fox declining to take the series further, the network’s production and syndication company, 20th Television, is reportedly looking for another broadcaster to bankroll a second season.


The show’s star, Jason O’Mara, tweeted followers today confirming the news: “guys. #TerraNova has been cancelled by@FoxBroadcasting – we’re gonna try and get another network to do it. Stand by : (“