Ted Danson admits he’d like a cameo in Downton Abbey

CSI star reveals that he's hooked on ITV's drama series, and he loves Sherlock too

Former Cheers star Ted Danson has admitted that he would like to make a cameo appearance in Downton Abbey.


Speaking to Radio Times magazine, the 64-year-old revealed that he is a big fan of Julian Fellowes’s drama series and never misses an episode when it’s on TV.

“We’re watching the second year in this country and my wife and I are completely hooked. It’s so sad that you guys only make six or seven episodes a year,” said Danson.

When asked whether he’d ever consider making a cameo appearance in the series, Danson replied: “Oh, yes! Although it would make my wife [Mary Steenburgen] horribly jealous. If we could go to England, the two of us, and be in Downton Abbey, we’d be the happiest people on the planet.”

The new CSI lead revealed himself to be something of an Anglophile, admitting that he enjoys lots of British television. He said: “By and large it’s such quality TV. I just caught the first three episodes of Sherlock and it was brilliant.”


Read the rest of the interview, in which Danson discusses CSI, life and reality television, only in this week’s issue of Radio Times.