Lord Sugar on Homeland: “Damian Lewis is a dead ringer for Harry Redknapp”

Radio Times's guest editor is a big fan of US thriller Homeland - and thinks its star looks like the Spurs manager

On his visit to the Radio Times offices today, we quizzed the magazine’s guest editor, Lord Sugar, on his favourite TV shows. It turns out the peer of the realm has something in common with the President of the United States – they’re both big fans of US thriller Homeland.


“It’s very good,” Lord Sugar told us. “I saw it in the States, the whole series, ‘on demand’.” 

Of course, notoriously difficult to please, he did have some criticisms of the show.

“It gets lost a bit as they’ve got to make 12 episodes and have to come up with some crap in the middle, so it goes off at a bit of a tangent,” he admitted, “but then it comes back online and you finally get what the plot is, and erm… The Titanic sank,” he concluded, keen to avoid spoilers.

Part of Lord Sugar’s editorial role at RT today was to interview Harry Redknapp, and he revealed he’d spotted a striking similarity between the Tottenham Hotspur manager and the star of Homeland.


“Damian Lewis is an absolute dead ringer for Harry Redknapp,” Lord Sugar told us. And you know what? We’re beginning to see what he means…