Human Centipede 3 to begin production this spring

Director says that it will be a "very different" film and will "upset people"

Shooting on the third of the controversial Human Centipede films will begin this May, according to its producer, Ilona Six.


The movie, which will be subtitled Final Sequence, is expected to be released in 2013 and will be “100 per cent politically incorrect.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Six confirmed that actors Dieter Laser and Laurence R Harvey, who played the villains in parts one and two respectively, will appear in the third film and that they’ll be joined by its writer and director, Tom Six, who has cast himself in a supporting role.

In an interview with, in which he discussed the third Human Centipede film, Tom Six said: “In part three, I’m going to take a completely different direction again. I’m not going for what I did in part two. Part three is going to be very different in a different way, and in a different way it will upset people.”

Elsewhere, he has claimed that Final Sequence will make Human Centipede 2 “look like a Disney film.”

The first Human Centipede film focused on a mad doctor who stitches three people together as part of a bizarre experiment, while the second featured a man who was obsessed with the first movie and who attempts to create his own centipede with 12 victims.


The Human Centipede part 2: Full Sequence was banned by the BBFC in July of last year, but was later released in a cut form that performed poorly at the box office.