Tim Dowling imagines… Sherlock in New York

Radio Times columnist Tim Dowling pitches a Stateside jaunt for the TV detective


This week on Fantasy TV, Sherlock is heading for New York City as the latest BBC hit is snaffled up by American television.



Pilot summary: Highly confidential Brilliant private investigator Sur-Loc Homze can solve any case that comes his way, from burglary to murder. He’s eccentric and he doesn’t care who knows it — he often wears a huge foam top hat that says Go Mets! on it, and sometimes goes to the store in his pyjamas. He solves mysteries in his own way, in his own time, which drives the police totally crazy!

Sur-Loc shares Apartment B, 221 East 221 St, with his colleague, weapons expert and dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr John Watson, although it’s pretty clear from the layout of the place that they have separate bedrooms. There is also a funny janitor called Hudson, who occasionally forgets to take his anti-psychotic medication.

Pilot episode: the plot

A huge, dangerous dog is reportedly roaming an eight-square-block area around Gramercy Park, terrorising locals and bringing down property prices. When the CEO of Baskerville Realty hires Sur-Loc to catch the dog, he and Watson head downtown in their custom-built, crime lab-equipped van, but the mystery only deepens: a developer is trying to buy a near-abandoned building in the area. Is the dog story a trick?

Other characters

Irene A, Sur-Loc’s ex-girlfriend, whose biological clock is totally ticking; Dick Moriarty, hedge-fund manager and Sur-Loc’s old college roommate; Lt Les Strade, hard-boiled cop from the 49th precinct; The 221st Street Regulars — a group of clever homeless people who live in the sewers and belong to the same book club as Sur-Loc.

Suggestions for future episodes

Mysterious murders among Iraq war veterans; a terrorist breaks out of prison; a murder where the only witness is a talking parrot; Sur-Loc and Watson go to Hawaii.


This is an edited version of Tim Dowling’s column in Radio Times magazine, published 21 February