UKTV channel Watch unveils new branding

The big starey eyeball is to be replaced by a more modern - but sometimes just as bizarre - re-brand

Digital entertainment channel Watch has revealed the latest additions to its new “bold brand identity”.


The new logo (left), came into use earlier this month, doing away with the previous cartoon eyeball (right) and recalling it in a more subtle form.

More new branding revealed today continues the theme of bolder, brighter colours and a generally more modern feel – along with some frankly bizarre flourishes (see below) – and will come into use across all Watch programming from 9 March.

The re-brand is designed to support a raft of new shows such as US acquisitions Grimm and Alcatraz (produced by Lost creator JJ Abrams’s company) as well as Dynamo: Magician Impossible and British sci-fi spin-off Primeval: New World.

Steve Hornsey, Watch General Manager said: “Watch is a channel that loves the out of the ordinary and celebrates the different and distinctive. 

“Watch deserves a striking design to match its raft of new and exciting programming. We are confident that the distinctive new identity will position the channel as a vibrant, dynamic and exciting entertainment destination.” 


What do you think of the new Watch branding? Is it an improvement on the old one?