You’ve Been Tubed: from Damon Albarn to Sacha Baron Cohen

Also in our pick of the week's viral videos, the greatest award presentation speech of all time

1. Unaccustomed as I am…


Now THIS is how to present an award. We all know gong ceremonies are champagne-flooded orgies of bitterness and lust, but it’s usually confined to the backstage areas. Not the case this week at the Writers Guild Awards in New York, where Jonathan Ames, creator of the now-cancelled Bored to Death, appeared to present two awards. Reading the nominations and winner for the first one took him a full six minutes, largely because he’d drunk five gallons of prosecco.

Physical comedy, picking on people in the front row like a stand-up, lacerating self-deprecation, naked envy towards people whose shows haven’t been pulled: Ames does it all. If he wants another regular TV gig, he should just get drunk and be filmed and that’s the show.

2. Rather too accustomed as I am…

Did you miss Damon Albarn’s Brit Awards acceptance speech? If so, you’re lucky: this re-edit by Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson is a lot more entertaining, but still gives you a flavour of a speech that felt like it would never, ever end, and led to the national shame that was Adele being interrupted. Parklife!

3. Happy birthday, Nachu

Nachu Bhatnagar has terminal cancer and may not be alive to see the publication in July of the next in his favourite series of sci-fi novels, Harry Turtledove’s The War That Came Early. So his friend got on the internet and, with the help of Reddit users, tracked down Turtledove and organised a rather beautiful birthday present. (This video contains swearing, but of the most agreeable kind possible.)

4. Pop-up tube station

The new Blackfriars tube station has opened in London – to mark the occasion, Network Rail uploaded this time-lapse footage of the project, which began in 1973. Well, a long time ago, anyway. It gets really cool and spooky about halfway through when massive columns start springing up from the earth.

5. Good luck, Billy Crystals!


Wadiyan dictator Admiral General Aladeen – that’s a film-pushing Sacha Baron Cohen to you and me – responds forthrightly to the Academy’s decision to ban him from the Oscars.