The Killing’s Lars Mikkelsen cast in ITV1 Scott v Amundsen drama doc

Dougray Scott and Alistair McGowan co-star in account based on letters and diaries

Danish drama connoisseurs have already enjoyed watching members of The Killing cast pop up again in Borgen and Those Who Kill – now one of the stars of the original hit police drama is on his way to British television.


Lars Mikkelsen – politician Troels Hartmann in The Killing, and also a main cast member of Those Who Kill – will voice Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen in ITV1’s Words of Captain Scott, a drama documentary that uses readings from contemporaneous sources, archive footage and reconstructions to tell the story of the 1911 race to the South Pole.

Dougray Scott will voice Captain Robert Scott. The script draws on the British adventurer’s letters and diaries, including the diary that was found with Scott after he and his team died on their journey home, having lost to Amundsen in the race to discover the Pole.

Mikkelsen will read from Amundsen’s diary, which was only recently translated into English and will be quoted on British television for the first time. The programme will also feature several artefacts relating to the expedition that have not previously been seen on TV.


Words of Captain Scott, which is expected soon on ITV1, also features Alistair McGowan, Charlotte Riley and Max Irons.