“Je m’appelle Sherlock Holmes…”

Hear Benedict Cumberbatch dubbed into four foreign languages

A bit of weekend fun for Sherlock fans: hear what your heroes sound like dubbed into Italian, Russian, Spanish and French. 


This clip is of the famous scene in the very first episode from 2010, when Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) meets John Watson (Martin Freeman) and shocks him by deducing enormous amounts of detailed information about him. But the audio, having started in English, keeps switching languages. 

The doctored video has been made by BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, for its annual Showcase event, an international TV sales conference held this year in Liverpool on 26-29 February.

First we hear Sherlock dubbed into Italian – Holmes’s voiceover there seems a bit reedy, although Italian is perhaps the best language for Watson’s reaction to being asked whether he’s just come back from Afghanistan or Iraq: “Scusi?!”

Next, Sherlock slips into Russian to greet Molly (Louise Brealey), and he’s suddenly much more manly and in control. The language suits Cumberbatch’s casually confident way of carrying himself – much better than Spanish, the next translation we hear. 

We end with Sherlock and Watson dubbed into French, and it’s gravelly, expressive French too. Benedict’s more enthusiastic female fans might need to have a lie down…