Emma Thompson to play the Queen in Buckingham Palace intruder drama

Oscar-winning actress stars in dramatisation of Michael Fagan's famous 1982 breach of royal security

Emma Thompson will play the Queen in a new drama based on Michael Fagan’s 1982 intrusion into Buckingham Palace.


Walking the Dogs will tell the story of how 31-year-old Fagan managed to evade security, get into Buckingham Palace and end up in the Queen’s bedroom. It will focus on the
discussion between the Queen, Fagan and a royal footman after she
awoke to find an intruder at the side of her bed.

However, despite Oscar-winning Thompson being impressed enough by the script to take part, Fagan, who’s now 61, spoke out yesterday claiming it was disrespectful to the Queen to make such a film in her jubilee year.

He said: “The Queen deserves respect and I’m sorry that all the focus over all these years has been on the fact that I was in her bedroom.

“I can’t believe they’re now putting so much attention on it, particularly in her jubilee year.

“It was just a moment of madness. For her to be dragged through the dirt by me isn’t nice. And how can they make a drama? They don’t know what happened in there.”

Fagan was initially
charged with theft after drinking wine from the palace, but charges
were later dropped and he was admitted to hospital for psychological treatment.


The programme, written by Helen Greaves, co-stars Eddie Marsan as Fagan and Russell Tovey as a royal footman and will be screened later this year as part of a Sky Arts drama series called Playhouse Presents.