Rappers Keith Harris and Orville pay tribute to Eminem

They think they are fly: the ventriloquist and his confused duck bust rhymes for charity chicken ad


Ventriloquist Keith Harris is using his mad vocal skills for a good cause as he and sidekick Orville turn rappers, relaunching themselves as hip-hop duo K-Orville in a video that could have Marshall Mathers quaking in his sneakers.


Putting aside the fact that Orville is a duck, not a chicken, the pair are highlighting the plight of battery hens in an advert for mobile network GiffGaff, which is promising to rehome one bird for every sim card it sells.

The video to the undeniably catchy, undeniably Eminem influenced tune sees Harris and Orville – the green duck who still wears nappies despite being 30 years old – looking moody behind bars before breaking out of jail to enjoy their new-found freedom.


The song has already been viewed over 150,000 times on YouTube and we at RadioTimes.com are crossing our fingers for a single release that sees Keith Harris and Orville back in the charts for the first time since 1985 when their third single, a version of White Christmas, broke into the top 40.