Fan’s map pins down Hustle’s last steps

Birmingham doubled for London in the glossy BBC drama - now one fan shows exactly how it was done

It was the biggest con Hustle ever pulled off: the drama was set in London but filmed in Birmingham. Since 2009, locals have been constantly looking behind Mickey Stone to play spot the location and now everyone can, thanks to the work of fan Mark Wilson.


He’s painstakingly mapped out the locations used in many episodes, including all of the final series. Each of his maps is available to see now on Google Maps. Check out the very last episode and then work through his complete collection.

It did always perplex residents why nobody seemed to notice West Midlands buses in the back of shot, but the BBC didn’t lie about the filming. When the move from London was announced, Simon Crawford Collins from makers Kudos said: “We are hugely excited about Hustle’s move to Birmingham. It’s a a transformed city whose cool new locations have rarely been used for TV dramas.”


Birmingham is also where star Adrian Lester was born and he said: “This is my home town so it was nice to come up again. It’s changed a lot in the years since I’ve been here, the pace is different.”