ITV1 drama Eternal Law axed after just one series

Fantasy drama will not return, says star Samuel West

ITV1 drama Eternal Law will not be returning – so says its main star Samuel West.


The actor, who played 14-billion-year-old angel Zak Gist on the series, announced the news of the show’s demise today on Twitter.

“Alas there will be no more Eternal Law,” he stated. “Not enough people watched it. A thousand thanks to those of you who did, and said such kind things.”

West, 45, went on to add in a follow-up tweet: “I’ll miss Zak and the gang enormously, but I’m very proud of the work we did. And we’ll always have York. Onward!”

The six-part fantasy drama, from Life on Mars scribes Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, mixed life at a York law firm with otherworldly magic and followed two angels who worked as barristers to aid humans with their earthly problems. Despite a prime rule of non-interference in the free will of humanity, the angels were allowed to guide and comfort.


Eternal Law, which also featured Orla Brady and Tobias Menzies, drew 5.43m viewers when it began on ITV1 back in January. However, it found its audience figures had slipped to just 2.95m by what has turned out to be its final episode.