Doctor Who actors David Tennant and Sophie Aldred on voicing CBeebies series Tree Fu Tom

The two former stars of the sci-fi series talk about their new project for children

Former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Sophie Aldred are to voice the lead characters in Tree Fu Tom, a new CBeebies fantasy action adventure series aimed at four- to six-year-olds.


Set in an enchanted world where movement creates magic, the show will find Tom (Aldred), an apparently normal eight-year-old boy, transformed into a magical superhero and transported to an enchanted kingdom called Treetopolis, where he will meet faithful sidekick sprite Twigs (Tennant).

Speaking of his role in the series, Tennant – who previously played the tenth Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series – commented:

“I think Tree Fu Tom is imaginative, inventive, exciting, really good fun and it looks beautiful. It looks like no expense has been spared and I can’t wait to see all the finished episodes as everything I have seen so far has been a visual feast. It’s an incredible, wonderful thing that we have channels like CBeebies that devote so much time and effort and skill to telling wonderful stories.”

Aldred, who starred in Doctor Who alongside Sylvester McCoy, had this to say of her new partnership with Tennant:

“I had previously played a character called Ace who was Doctor Who’s companion and now, some years later, I’ve got a Doctor Who as my companion! It’s been really great working with David and we have shared a couple of Doctor Who stories!”

“Sophie and I had never met before so we didn’t have any previous dynamic but I suppose that you can infer a dynamic from previous roles that we have played,” admitted Tennant. “As an actor you just fit in with whatever the dynamics of the characters are, so she plays the hero and I’m the annoying sidekick.”


Tree Fu Tom is set to make its debut on CBeebies in March.