You’ve Been Tubed: from loving Bermudians to enormous swingers

Also in this week's best viral video clips: a depressed dog, and someone falling over


1. Don’t forget, Johnny Barnes loves you


If we’re honest, it’s been a bit of a slow week on the viral videos front. Most of these are less “incredible clips everyone’s been sharing” and more “things that are quite good, but I specifically went out and found them to fill up this column”. Thank the gods, then, for 88-year-old Bermudian Johnny Barnes, who’s making this whole page worthwhile.

Johnny spends six hours a day standing by a roundabout, telling passing motorists that he loves them and wishing them a pleasant day. That is all he does, and he does it every single day. Matt Morris’s lovely short film explains how important Johnny has become to the islanders, and how they’ve repaid him. Feel your rage and cynicism ebb away as you watch.

2. For me, it isn’t Rover

Ah, Someone like You by Adele. Remember when you first heard it a year ago, before it had soundtracked 40,000 TV documentaries? Remember when it stopped your heart and sent you back to your most desperate lost love?

Clutch tight to that feeling as you watch THIS devastating footage of a depressed French dog listening to the record, staring not just at his reflection but straight into the DOGGY ABYSS. Ruff.

3. C U L8R, HV 4LLEN 0VA

Texting while walking? Look out ahead! There could be some steps there. And a TV news reporter doing a live two-way.

4. Happy young swingers

To the rocky plains outside Moab, Utah, where a gigantic stone arch, a length of rope and some rather nice filming add up to a funky video.

5.\tBryan Adams, line by line


Jumping on the bandwagon of viral clips that re-create a big pop hit by cutting up lines from loads of different movies is this Valentine’s Day advert for a well-known internet DVD rental company. It reworks literally everyone’s favourite love song ever, Everything I Do (I Do It for You) by Bryan Adams. Sob!