Lineker 2-0 Morgan: Piers loses again as one-sided Twitter spat continues

The CNN host just doesn’t know when he’s beaten…


Step away from the keyboard, Piers! If there’s one thing worse than losing, it’s not even knowing when you’re outgunned.


Having created a Twitter meme earlier this month when an attempt to insult Match of the Day host Gary Lineker backfired horribly, Piers Morgan had another go last night – and got owned again in an encounter that’s been retweeted several hundred times this morning.

Morgan spotted his chance when Lineker tweeted about his record of never being booked throughout his professional football career. “A number of you seem to think I got a yellow card in Japan,” Lineker wrote to his followers, referring to his time spent playing in the J-League. “Sad as it appears I’m afraid I did not.”

“Did you ever actually tackle anyone?” replied former Daily Mirror editor Morgan – only to have his backside casually handed to him. “Nope,” said Lineker. “Never hacked anyone.”

Anyone in any doubt as to who won this exchange only had to look at Morgan’s attempt at a comeback: he chose to point out that some other people had misspelled Lineker’s name. “Amused by all the simpering @GaryLineker_ fans informing me I’ve been ‘owned again’,” babbled Morgan. “Most of them spell his name ‘Linekar’.”

Morgan has been thoroughly burnt by Lineker before. Less than a fortnight ago he tried to taunt the BBC’s top sport presenter by boasting about the global reach of his CNN talk show, Piers Morgan Tonight: “I currently air in 200 countries/territories – how you getting on? #SmallPondMinnow.”

“I think the 2 world cups I played in probably edged that,” replied Lineker.


Morgan also suffered the scorn of Twitter users last month, when his response to the sensitive and thought-provoking BBC3 documentary Britain’s Gay Footballers was to tweet injury-plagued England centre-back Rio Ferdinand with the message: “Out you come, Sicknote.”