Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and our favourite fictional crossovers

Ahead of the upcoming Doctor Who/Star Trek comic, we look at some memorable crossovers in entertainment history

The Doctor is boldly going where no Time Lord has ever gone before in May, when IDW Publishing releases a crossover comic in which the worlds of Doctor Who and Star Trek collide.


And while some fans have been up in arms about the development, pre-emptively bemoaning the comic’s “inevitable” canonical mistakes, the majority of Whovians and Trekkies alike are excited by the project. After all, peanut butter and strawberry jam are two very different things, but when combined they make something truly delicious.

But Assimilation2, as the upcoming comic will be known, is far from the first crossover in entertainment history. Indeed, it’s far from the first even in Star Trek’s history, and crossovers between big-name franchises have been used for years by writers and publishers for everything from plot advancements to some serious cashing-in.

Unsurprisingly, the practice has yielded some truly memorable fictitious run-ins over the decades, and so, as we gear up to see the eleventh Doctor and Captain Picard meet for the first time, here are five of our favourite crossovers from down the years…

1.\tDoctor Who and Sherlock Holmes

Been fantasising about Matt Smith’s Doctor meeting Benedict Cumberbatch’s Baker Street sleuth? Well, while that’s yet to happen, the Doctor (specifically, Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor) met the traditional Victorian Sherlock Holmes in the pages of All-Consuming Fire, a Doctor Who novel from the mid 1990s, which saw the two characters joining forces to do battle with HP Lovecraft’s Cthulu creatures. Bizarre, but you’d watch it if they remade it for TV, wouldn’t you?

2.\tAlien and Predator

To paraphrase Harry Hill, I like Aliens. And I also like Predators. But which is better..? Well, it’s taken a multitude of Alien vs Predator crossovers, spanning everything from video games to two rather poorly received feature films, to try to settle this debate, and we’re still none the wiser. Still, a project that started as a standalone comic book and has since expanded into a media franchise in its own right makes the AvP crossover series one of the most alluring and enduring ever conceived.

3.\tKing Kong and Godzilla

Here’s a movie crossover that tried to keep everybody happy. As the ultimate monster fanboy’s dream match-up, this film featured the nuclear mega-lizard and Skull Island’s most famous giant ape slugging it out for some not particularly good reasons atop Mount Fuji. It also tried to placate audiences in both the USA and Japan: in the Japanese version, Godzilla (a Japanese creation) emerges victorious, while in the US cut, King Kong (America’s home boy) wins the day.

4.\tSesame Street and the Muppets

While they’re all Jim Henson creations, the Muppets and the Sesame Street gang have only crossed paths in the first three Muppet films, The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manahattan, with Big Bird and the gang making cameos and helping out with songs in all three pictures.

5.\tSeinfeld and Mad about You

Mad about You was marked as something of a companion piece to Seinfeld when it first aired in the States, owing to its similar scenario and New York setting, and so a storyline was cooked up in which Paul Buchman had to revisit his old apartment during the show’s early years. When he does, he finds that Cosmo Kramer is the current tenant, and even chats with Kramer about a guy across the hallway called Jerry who wanted to make it as a stand-up…


Do you have a favourite fictional crossover? Or maybe a fantasy one you’d like to see made? Either way, why not let us know in the comments…